How Do I install Microsoft Office On a PC After Copying from A Pen Drive?

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Last Updated on May 29, 2021

A subscription to one of the MS Office packages gives you access to a host of applications and software that make your professional, academic, and personal lives that much easier. You get full access to applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and many more depending on the package you have purchased. If you already have subscription and would like to install Microsoft Office please keep reading.

You may have noticed that some applications can simply be transferred from one computer to another. This means that these applications can be copied from the source device and then pasted onto another device that does not have this application. This can be done using a flash drive or a pen drive as an intermediary medium. These applications are considered to be portable as they can be transferred to different devices without much hassle or needing another software.

MS Office applications, unfortunately, are not portable. This means that you cannot simply copy MS Office apps like Excel and Word, paste them onto a pen drive, and transfer them to another computer to start using them right away. In order to install MS Office onto a PC after copying from a pen drive, you need to have copied and pasted all of the thousands of possible files that will be located in the Windows Registry. This can prove to be quite difficult and frankly impossible, especially if you downloaded the applications through To do this, you may need access to a third party software or installer tool which can help copy and then transfer MS Office from one computer device to another using a simple flash drive.

Install Microsoft Office

Install Microsoft Office from a pen drive

There is one way to load MS Office onto a new computer using a pen drive. To do this, however, you will be needing access to a computer with an optical drive, an installation CD for MS Office, a pen drive, and a USB port.

  • Insert the installation disc into the optical drive.
  • Then insert the pen drive into the USB port of the computer.
  • Explore the contents of the installation disc.
  • Select and copy all of the continents of the CD.
  • Paste all of the files and documents you have just copied onto the pen drive.
  • Once the copying is complete, remove the flash drive from the USB port.
  • Insert this drive into a new computer which does not have installed.
  • Find the setup/install.exe file in the contents of the pen drive and open it.
  • The installation process will begin. Follow the onscreen instructions to start using MS Office on this computer device.

Setup Office Apps Directly

The simplest thing to do in order to download MS Office applications onto a new computer is to install them using You can use your existing account to redeem any subscription purchases that you may have made. All you need to do is go to from this computer and enter the MS Office setup key to get the download link. If you need help with uninstalling it check out: What are the steps to uninstall Microsoft Office?